Email Setup

Setting up the email allows you to customize how emails appear when we send them to users.  There are only a handful of email types we send however setting the name and reply-to address is an important factor in ensuring the emails are noticed and actions by users.

The sender should be prefilled from your Shopify store settings, but you may customize this if you like for a more authentic winner feel.

Confirmation Template

The first template is for the confirmation email we send when a user enters a giveaway to win a product.  The user is required to confirm their entry to ensure that they are indeed the owner of the email address they entered with. 

There are a few variables you may use in this email but the most important is {{ confirmation_url }} which is the URL they must click to confirm their entry.  {{ }} is also a useful variable which corresponds to the name of your campaign.

Sharing Email

The sharing email is used when a user shares your giveaway with a friend encouraging them to enter so the user will receive more entries.

It is important to write this template from the context of the friend sending the email.  Be casual and friendly but highlight the benefits of entering.

Redeem Email

Finally the redeem template is used to notify the winner of a giveaway with instructions on how to redeem their prize.  The {{ redeem_url }} variable will allow the user to redeem their prize and check it out with free shipping.

While the URL has a confirmation key specific to this entrant it is important that the winner doesn't forward this email to anyone else who may potentially redeem their prize first.